Greetings. If you’ve come from gfascii, welcome back. To the rest of you, welcome to my corner of this exponentially growing kaleidoscope we call the Internet.

At this point in your Internet career, you have probably seen ASCII art in all kinds of forms. GameFAQs-, or Patamon-style to credit one of the pioneers, is a little different though. Here is where I will post my lowly contributions to a truly dead art form.

I originally posted all these works through screenshots. If you would like the source text of my art (other artists will have the source text cited below each work), please comment on the post or send an email, and I will add the .docx file to the post. Unfortunately, my newer work does not seem to keep its formatting outside Microsoft Word, a problem I am slow to address.

Visitors can sign up using the ‘Register’ link below. Registered users can create their own posts for review. The goal here is to revitalize ASCII art a little bit, GameFAQs-style or not.

If you experience any issues accessing the site, let me know at

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